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First Post

So now we have a blog. What’s next? What content do you want to share?

The fact is: the technical promotion process of blogging is the easiest part of the equation. Writing content is what matters.

How many blogs have you encountered that are bad rehashes of how tos? How many are free form mental monologue drivel? Lord knows I’ve been guilty of meandering nonsense pretending to be a blog.

You have to have a reason d’etre. There were days that blogs were effectively online diaries and lists of music people liked. But the geocities, anglefire and myspace days are long gone.

If you want to talk about your day and you write a lot, you might well use Facebook. If you like to push quick quips to ether, Instagram and Twitter are the go to. So what use is a blog?

Ask yourself : is there a topic you are passionate about? Is there a topic you want to learn more about?

I know my blog was created specifically as a forcing function upon myself to keep up with learning new tech. Then on some topics, like or Datadog or Azure, i just wanted an excuse to explore a Toolchain or Vendor more.

This first post will, of course, serve the purpose of a another blogs blog. But more to the point, show it doesn’t take much to yammer on about nothing for a few paragraphs.